[Healeys] Cold weather work

John Vrugtman javrugtman at htcnet.org
Tue Nov 19 15:04:42 MST 2019

As I understand the parts manual when I did mine (always questionable)  
there are 10 brass nuts and plain washers at all mountings for the 
exhaust manifold, including the ones that overlap the intake manifold.  
The intake manifold uses plain washers with spring washers and a steel nut.
Have not had the problem of the downpipes coming loose, but have heard 
others have; someone may have a solution to that.

As to the choke cable; stiffness on mine was due to the brass cam shoe 
on the carburetor being very hard to move, cleaning and lube helped there.

64/66 BJ8s

On 11/19/2019 4:34 PM, Fred Wescoe wrote:
> Listers,
> I am starting to do some of the cold weather work on my BJ8 and I have 
> 2 questions.
> 1.  My choke cable is extremely difficult to pull out, it takes both 
> hands on the knob to move the knob out far enough to activate the 
> chokes.  What is the best/easy way to access the old cable for 
> removal?  I have a new choke cable to install but how do I route the 
> new cable around behind the dash so there are no kinks (I suspect that 
> is my current problem) and to avoid the heater/defroster hoses and 
> anything else which may be in the way.  I would like to get the new 
> cable in so that it works smoothly and with just one hand. Should I 
> use grease or graphite on the cable to help?  Ideas? "I did it this 
> way and it worked great."  Tips and tricks?
> 2.   A couple of months ago, I had an issue with my downpipes that 
> came loose from the exhaust manifold.  On the down pipes, I removed 
> the brass nuts and split washers and replaced them with new stuff.  
> Upon close inspection, I now find that the intake and exhaust 
> manifolds have also worked loose from the head.  However, on the 
> manifolds, there is a flat washer against the manifolds, then a split 
> washer and then the brass nut.  Which is the correct method of 
> assembly; flat washer then split washer and brass nut, no split washer 
> or no flat washer.  Should the downpipes be bolted together the same 
> as the exhaust/intake manifolds to the head? What is causing these 
> exhaust parts to come loose and what do I do to prevent this from 
> happening?  What is the thinking of those who have rebuilt engines and 
> what has worked?
> Thanks for the collective wisdom here.
> Fred
> 66BJ8

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