[Healeys] Diesel oil filters

Kees Oudesluijs coudesluijs at chello.nl
Fri Jun 1 11:29:09 MDT 2018

No problem as long as there is the one way valve flap installed and the 
by-pass pressure valve is not opening to early. In most diesel engines 
the oil pressure is a bit higher I presume, so again no problem. The 
degree of filtration is mostly down to the make of the filter. I believe 
MANN filters in general are not to bad. They are popular in Europe, 
perhaps even more so than the often looked down upon FRAM filters.

Anyhow, as you change oil that frequent you would hardly need any filter 
at all, only just for safety reasons in case anything comes apart and 
distribute minute particles in the system..

Kees Oudesluijs

Op 1-6-2018 om 17:12 schreef simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com:
> I’ve just to changed my car’s oil. I change oil & filter every +/- 
> 3,000 miles. No harm in doing it so often.
> I’ve got a spin on oil filter adaptor that comes straight off the 
> block. And I’ve got a WOSP high torque starter motor. And a PBR servo 
> which is less intrusive(?) than the Girling. Anyhow, that all just 
> means that I’ve got loads of space down there in the filter area.
> I’ve got a Mann W1130/1 filter here on my desk. See eBay item number 
> *122966141959* for its spec. It’s a pretty massive thing and it seems 
> to be fitted to diesels.
> I’ve put one on the Healey, 3000, and all seems well. Oil pressure is 
> good.
> BUT, nagging doubts…
> Is big filter good and bigger filter even better?
> Is there a fundamental difference between diesel engines’ filters and 
> petrol engines’ filters? (Beyond diesels normally being bigger).
> I don’t see that it’s being BIG and for a diesel can do any harm. Am I 
> right?
> Simon
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