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My BJ8 is number 29122 which is only 359 cars later than your friend's car, and it accommodates the standard BJ8 exhaust. Also that's what was on it when my dad bought the car back in early 80s.
Dave64 BJ8

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Bob: FWIW, I have an early BJ-8 too, and mine is the standard BJ-8 exhaust.  My VIN is about 20 later than your friend’s car. Al Fulleral at bighealey dot org'65 BJ-8'85 Rx-7 From: Healeys [mailto:healeys-bounces at autox.team.net] On Behalf Of Robert Memler
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Subject: [Healeys] BJ8 exhaust A friend is restoring an early BJ8 and found out that the as exhaust from Moss did not fit and was told he needed a BJ 7 system. Is this likely or does he need something different. His VIN number is HBJ8L/28763.TIA, Bob Memler54 BN1
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