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Earl:  I had been using Vredesteins since since 2003.  During that time, I had two negative situations with them.  The first had to do with a bad new tire that was causing a pull regardless which side it was mounted on.  Looking at the tread, it was not consistently straight all the way around the tire.  It was replaced without charge.  The second had to do with the last set when one tire developed a large bubble on the side wall.  Meanwhile, I replaced all wheels when one developed a wobble due to 5 loose and/or broken spokes.  To my surprise, the replacement wheels were tubeless design.  About 6,000 miles later, I decided to go with the Michelins.  These tires are mounted on the tubeless wheels without tubes.  Nobody told me that they had to have tubes. ;-(    Now, about 7,000 miles later, the only problem I have had was a slow leak on one wheel.  The problem was that the valve stem had loosened in the rim.  A tightening of the securing nut on the valve stem solved the problem.  A check of all the other wheels revealed that all the nuts had loosened slightly and needed a minor tweak to tighten them.  So far, so good.  

Now, in addition to local tours between now and September, it's on to Rendezvous in Oregon.  The next 1,000-plus miles down - up ? - the road.

(The Other) Len
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  .........  Be aware that all XAS’s  must be run with tubes – it’s just the way they are designed. ....... 
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