[Healeys] lightened flywheel

Mark Fawcett m.fawcett at cox.net
Thu Aug 25 22:17:06 MDT 2016

Many years ago I purchased a lightened flywheel from Bolt On Healeys. I
never installed it, but now I think I'm going to. The flywheel I bought was
for an early 3000. Now I'd like to put a later clutch instead of the 3
finger style clutch. Can I modify the older flywheel to be able to use the
later style diaphragm pressure plate? I think I should be able to thread
bolts into the existing bolt holes then have the head machined flush. Then
have new bolt holes drilled and tapped.  Has anyone done this, or I would
appreciate any suggestions.
Or if Bill Bolton is still out there and offering lightened flywheels that
will take the 9 1/2" pressure plate, I might do that. I haven't been able
to locate him on line.

Mark Fawcett
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