[Healeys] Steering Wheel or Steering Box Problem?

Lawrence Swift lawrence.swift at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 20:42:14 MDT 2016

I have reset the steering wheel on my BT7 several times - spoke straight up with the front wheels straight ahead.

But periodically the steering wheel rotates counter clockwise about 30 degrees.

The front suspension is new- king pins, poly bushings.
The car steers very well, no shimmy, very little play in the steering.

The box has never been rebuilt.

Is it possible the worm has a dead spot or the peg is damaged?

Any ideas are welcomed.

Larry Swift

> On Jul 17, 2016, at 12:21 AM, Steve B. Gerow <steveg at abrazosdata.com> wrote:
> Wayne,
> The supply lines are 1/4", not 3/16". You'll need a female tube nut to attach to the fitting on the bottom of the reservoir. See:
> http://store.fedhillusa.com/p83.aspx
> Note the description is a little confusing because a 7/16" fitting is required for a 1/4" pipe.
> The line uses a double flare on each end.
> You may be able to get Healey Surgeons to custom make it for you.
> See my brake system galleries, among others at:
> http://www.pbase.com/stevegerow/root
> -- 
> Steve Gerow
> Altadena, CA
> BN6 with dual-circuit 4-whl disc brakes
> Maker of the most complete Healey Rear Disc kit
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> Wayne,
> These people may have what you need:
> http://store.fedhillusa.com/britishgirling.aspx
> Charlie
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> Subject: [Healeys] BN1 to hydraulic clutch
> Hello,
> I need to make a new hydraulic line for the new
> BJ-8 style dual reservoir to the new clutch master cylinder. I have a
> spool pf 3/16 copernickel brake line and I have the fitting for input to
> the new clutch master. I need the female fitting to attach the the new
> line reservoir. I need Size and a source. My box of 30 years of random
> brake parts has let me down:( I thought the kit to convert to a five
> speed might have had this part since they supplied the new dual reservoir.
> Wayne 
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