[Healeys] angle speedo drive BJ8

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Sun May 10 09:28:52 MDT 2015

The problem with speedo cables that are not used to often is that the 
grease solidifies and contaminates easier. It is better to use graphite 
or molybdenum disulphide powder.
However this should only be used if outer and inner cable are spotlessly 
clean (use white spirits, engine cleaner, brake cleaner etc.) and 
thoroughly dry.
Kees Oudesluijs

Mike Garvey schreef op 10-5-2015 om 15:52:
> In the three years that I have owned my BJ8, I have gone through three 
> right angle speedometer drives.The failure is that the short coil 
> spring drive from the transmission to the helical gear fails; it looks 
> like a birds nest of broken wires.I am aware of the critical spacer 
> washer that must not be forgotten; in fact, this last time, I put in 
> two spacer washers, trying to overcome any marginal tolerance issues.I 
> also lubricated the speedometer cable liberally with lithium grease.
> I checked the autox archive and this question went around in 2009; at 
> the time, the remedy was to use only graphite (no grease) to lubricate 
> the speedometer cable.Is this still the conventional wisdom?Any advice 
> on how to clean out the outer part of the speedometer cable?
> Thanks, Mike
> Michael Garvey
> 1967 BJ8/38046
> Swampscott, MA
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