[Healeys] angle speedo drive BJ8

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sun May 10 09:31:53 MDT 2015

I've had good results using a light silicone lubricant/oil on the cable 
and the speedo internals.  It's very thin but persists. Obviously, the 
cable and sleeve needs to be cleaned of other lubricants or gunk.


On 5/10/2015 6:52 AM, Mike Garvey wrote:
> In the three years that I have owned my BJ8, I have gone through three 
> right angle speedometer drives.The failure is that the short coil 
> spring drive from the transmission to the helical gear fails; it looks 
> like a birds nest of broken wires.I am aware of the critical spacer 
> washer that must not be forgotten; in fact, this last time, I put in 
> two spacer washers, trying to overcome any marginal tolerance issues.I 
> also lubricated the speedometer cable liberally with lithium grease.
> I checked the autox archive and this question went around in 2009; at 
> the time, the remedy was to use only graphite (no grease) to lubricate 
> the speedometer cable.Is this still the conventional wisdom?Any advice 
> on how to clean out the outer part of the speedometer cable?
> Thanks, Mike
> Michael Garvey
> 1967 BJ8/38046
> Swampscott, MA

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