[Healeys] Followup--- Girling Brake Servo Rebuild

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sat Apr 18 17:06:58 MDT 2015

Been a long time, and probably with the earlier product, but IIRC I just 
sprayed it over whatever was left of the original dry lube.  I probably 
scuffed the inside of the canister with Scotchbrite or emery cloth and 
cleaned it with brake cleaner.   Probably did a couple coats, just like 
any other paint.  I remember I had to buy 2 cans of it--and used about a 
tenth of a can--and had to pay a bunch for hazmat shipping.  The 
remainder was unusable after a couple years.

In hindsight I think I probably didn't need to do it, as the original 
coating appeared to be intact and the piston wasn't sticking.


On 4/17/2015 6:16 PM, R. Cobb wrote:
> Michael Salter was kind enough to inform me that the vacuum chest of 
> the servo is steel rather than aluminum, as I had stated.
> So, what follows is Sandstrom's application protocol for steel:
> "Application on steel. Pre-clean the steel surface with aliphatic 
> naphtha or any other EPA compliant cleaner that sufficiently
> cleans surfaces to pass ASTM F22. Sandblast the surfaces with 180-220 
> grit aluminum oxide (25-50 RMS optimum). Phosphate
> IAW MIL-DTL-16232 (weight should be 11-22 g/m2), type M, class 3 or 
> type Z, class 3."
> Any comments  from those who may have used the Sandstrom dry lube 
> products in the past?
> Thanks.
> Bob

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