[Healeys] Followup--- Girling Brake Servo Rebuild

R. Cobb rcobb at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 17 19:16:11 MDT 2015

Michael Salter was kind enough to inform me that the vacuum chest of the 
servo is steel rather than aluminum, as I had stated.

So, what follows is Sandstrom's application protocol for steel:

"Application on steel. Pre-clean the steel surface with aliphatic 
naphtha or any other EPA compliant cleaner that sufficiently
cleans surfaces to pass ASTM F22. Sandblast the surfaces with 180-220 
grit aluminum oxide (25-50 RMS optimum). Phosphate
IAW MIL-DTL-16232 (weight should be 11-22 g/m2), type M, class 3 or type 
Z, class 3."

Any comments  from those who may have used the Sandstrom dry lube 
products in the past?



On 4/17/2015 2:04 PM, Michael Salter wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> I'm not sure from your message if you are under the impression that 
> the vacuum chest of the Girling servo is made of aluminium. It is 
> actually steel if that makes any difference to the application protocol.
> Michael S
> BN1 #174
> On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 2:50 PM, R. Cobb <rcobb at earthlink.net 
> <mailto:rcobb at earthlink.net>> wrote:
>     In anticipation of rebuilding my Girling Servo (I did it
>     successfully 30+ years ago), and after reading some archival tips
>     (going as far back as the early 1990's), I have ordered the dry
>     film lube from Sandstrom.
>     Their #26A product has evolved to the current #28A formulation. 
>     The data sheet for the dry film lube indicates the following
>     directives:
>     "Application on aluminum and aluminum alloys. Pre-clean the
>     aluminum surface with aliphatic naphtha or any other EPA compliant
>     cleaner that sufficiently cleans surfaces to pass ASTM F22.
>     Sulfuric acid anodize IAW MIL-A-8625 and seal the surface."
>     Sandstrom's tech support director has been out all week at an
>     industry conference, so I've not been able to determine if, given
>     the application in question, the involved protocol is essential.
>     Any input from others who have successfully used this, or its
>     predecessor, product, regarding surface preparation?
>     By the way, when I spoke with sales and indicated I was interested
>     in using their product in relation to the restoration of a vintage
>     British auto, the salesperson said, "Oh, an Austin-Healey?"
>     Thanks in advance.
>     Bob
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