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[Shop-talk] Composite Decking

Subject: [Shop-talk] Composite Decking
From: "Matt" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 18:27:20 GMT
Full-name: "Matt" <>
I query the group for any composite decking expertise/advice.

My wife wants me to build a deck off the back of the pool near the SHOP.  She
is seeking a good location for afternoon sun as her normal spot gets shaded.
I figure I will use some manner of composite decking, seeking a durable, long
lasting surface with minimal upkeep.
I think I am good to go on the general deck construction, but I am finding
that there are many options for the decking.
Years ago a good friend made an expensive mistake when he bought something
maybe then 30% less costly than the top of the line option and within 3-4
years he said it just fell apart.  It swelled, it sagged, it was terrible.  He
tore it all out and started over with top of the line trex and while costly,
it has held up well.

I have done some reading on WPC (wood plastic composites) in general and it
sounds like they are now claiming "second generation" status, building on some
of the lessons learned.  Apparently Trex has spent a lot of $$ replacing decks
and no longer advertises their product as "maintenance free".  They found
mildew staining to be a recurring problem.  One of the solutions is a "capped"
product that uses a WPC core but a more plastic covering to reduce some of the
staining/variability of the wood fibers.

 I have an existing deck on the back of the house that needs attention.  I was
thinking I would just re-deck with whatever I use on the new construction.
But it occurred to me that the existing deck is still solid, but no longer
aesthetically pleasing.   Would simply overlaying the existing deck with new
WPC decking be a viable option?

Finally, there seems to be a wide variety of fastener systems.  From the
material paired hidden systems to options like Cortex that still goes down
through the material but hides behind plugs and uses cutter/driver bits.

So specifically I am looking for
1)  recommendations on material.

2)  thoughts on overdecking

3)  recommendations on fastener systems.

Thanks for your thoughts,
Matt Barre
Columbus GA  -  dampness/mildew is as much of a threat as UV here.

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