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Re: [Shop-talk] Axle ratio?

To: Dave Cavanaugh <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Axle ratio?
From: Paul Parkanzky <>
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2015 08:51:25 -0400
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That tractor isn't too bad.  According to your TC30 weighs
2200# for the bare tractor.  Figure another ~1000# for the loader and a bit
less for the backhoe.  I suspect that you're right around 4000# for the
setup unless you've loaded the tires or added some other ballast you
haven't mentioned.

For the move you're talking about, I'd get the Penske truck with the
lift-gate and move all the equipment on pallets like you've described.  It
will be well worth your money to have easy loading and unloading and
one-and-done on the trip.  Having everything covered is a huge bonus.

Just about any car trailer would haul your tractor, although I'd try to
find something a bit heavier-duty (i.e. 10k# GVWR instead of 7k#).  I just
ordered a trailer in part to haul my tractor (A JD 2032R, so the same class
as yours but a touch lighter) and ended up going with a 14k# low-profile
tilt-deck because the cost (both empty weight and $$$) to step up to 14k#
was minimal.  If you happen to be making this move from anywhere near Grand
Rapids, MI you can use that to haul your tractor and all the implements.

Good luck with the move!  We just moved 25 miles and it wasn't easy.  I can
only imagine the stress of pulling up stakes to head across the country!



On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 10:44 PM, Dave Cavanaugh <>

> All excellent points.  As of now, I don't have a trailer, I am just
> exploring options.  I may rent the largest flatbed that UHaul rents for a
> couple of one way trips, or I may just rent a large Ryder with a lift gate
> and be done with it.  That, however, won't solve the problem of the tractor.
> Most of the heavy stuff consists of vintage cast iron woodworking power
> tools:  18" Powermatic planer, Delta 12/14" TS, Powermatic 10" TS,  two
> shapers, wide belt sander, RAS, edge sander, drill presses, tenoner,
> mortiser, couple of medium size band saws.  I will palletize everything
> that isn't on skids, and already have a pallet jack and will rent a
> forklift.  I can determine the weight of each machine from the vendor
> literature, and will calculate the footprint to determine how much I can
> get on the truck or trailer.  That will be at least two trailer loads,
> probably.  Then all of the other shop stuff, workbenches, portable tools,
> supplies and so on are another trip.  Then my hardwood supply, probably
> 1500 b/f of poplar, alder, maple and other odds and ends.  That is a load
> in itself.  Then there is the tractor.  It's a New Holland TC30 with a
> loader and backhoe.  They backhoe could be removed and moved separately as
> it adds quite a bit of length and a not insubstantial amount of weight to
> the load.  And that is just the SHOP stuff.  The tractor and accessories
> will require towing down with the trailer; I just don't see any way around
> it.  At least I can take the bucket off the front and put a set of forks on
> it, for moving stuff on the other end.
> On 4/14/2015 11:38 AM, David Hillman wrote:
>> I think there's a whole bunch of relevant detail omitted here.  What kind
>> of trailer?  How old?  Does it have brakes?  What kind?  How heavy is it
>> empty?  How much weight are you planning to load into it?  Does your truck
>> have a brake controller?  If not, you're going to want to install a
>> Tekonsha Prodigy
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