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Re: [Shop-talk] pc to hdtv hookup (in the shop)

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] pc to hdtv hookup (in the shop)
From: "Matt" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 20:43:51 GMT
Meritline and dealextreme also have cheap misc cables and adaptors.
The Chinese saw the outrageous prices being charged for things like HDMI,
toslink, etc and started cranking them out by the thousands for pennies.
You end up waiting a few weeks for delivery but once I decided to order, I
stocked up on all kinds of stuff - save on multiple shipping!

Just confirm with headphones that you are getting audio out from the computer,
then feed it to any of the stereo inputs.


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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] pc to hdtv hookup (in the shop)
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OK, I looked it up from work.  This online store was recommended to me and
they have a ton of different cables.  I didn't look to see if they had this
specific one or not.  I buy computer stuff from, they might have
the appropriate cable too.
> I seem to have read that some video outs don't include the sound channels,
or maybe your cable isn't transmitting the sound channels.  You may need to do
some research regarding your own laptop to see how it operates.  If it turns
out that your laptop isn't putting out sound on the hdmi output then you can
possibly buy an adapter that will combine the hdmi output and the submini
audio output into one cable.
> There are some places on the net that sell a wide variety of different
cables and adapters.  They likely make something that would plug in and work
for you.  I have a link at home that I can send tonight if you need it.
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