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Re: [Shop-talk] locked out of my garage

To: David Scheidt <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] locked out of my garage
From: Berry Kercheval <>
Date: Sat, 15 May 2010 13:31:49 -0700
When I had a VW Jetta, the same thing happened to me.  It turns out that 
you can fold the rear seat armrest down, go through the fabric behind it 
and undo the screws holding the latch in place.  The VW shop had a #2 
Phillips driver taped to a long stick for just this task :-)

(and duct tape on the backside of the fabric slit was a pretty decent 
repair, considering it was my commute beater)

On 5/15/10 9:34 AM, David Scheidt wrote:
> (When I was in college, the trunk on my car got stuck closed.  It was a
> defective latch  design, that allowed something to get stuck in it and block
> the latch from moving.  Solution was "remove back seat.  remove stuff from
> trunk, free latch. Fail to figure out how to properly put back seat in."
> which was made very complicated that every tool I owned was in the trunk.)
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