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Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 18:32:14 -0400
We bought a set for wifes car a few years ago.  Within a couple of weeks she 
hit a huge pothole and blew out two of them.  Upon contacting tirerack, they 
said that there is a 6 mo road hazard warranty and within a couple of days 
two new tires showed up on our doorstep.
Can't ask for much better than that!


> David,
> Thanks for the information. It is just what I figured. One other related 
> question is with warranty replacements. Has anyone had any problems 
> getting defective tires replaced?
> I've been using Discount Tire for many years. They are more expensive that 
> Tirerack, but they are almost everywhere and I've had good luck with their 
> replacement policies.
> A couple months ago I needed a set of Yokohama tires for my Honda CR-V. 
> Tire rack had them for $109, plus shipping. Discount wanted $129 plus 
> shipping (they were not a stocked size). I went with Discount because of 
> the warranty, but for the $80 it might have been better to go with 
> Tirerack.
> One thing I found is that with new vehicles with TPS, the tire mounting 
> will require the replacement of the seals on the stem. This runs $10-$20 
> per tire. After tax, seals, mounting, balancing, road hazard replacement, 
> out the door the $520 worth of tires cost $700! This was a bit more than I 
> had expected. It seems that Discount Tire has started charging for things 
> they used to throw in at no charge. Next time I need tires I will look 
> closer at Tirerack!
> Peace,
> Pat
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