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Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 12:27:08 -0500
Steven Trovato wrote:
> Tirerack has a list of participating installers.  If you find
> one of those in your area, you shouldn't have any hassle with
> them.  They should also let you have Tirerack ship directly to
> them if you want.

I've done this several times for hard to find (i.e. Performance) tires.
Ship them to a local shop (call them and tell them they are coming), and
when they arrive, the shop calls me to set up a time for installing the
tires.  Remember to add in the shops cost of mounting, balancing, etc.
into the price as that's often (but not always) included in the price
when buying at local shops.

For common tires (i.e. Michelins for my Accord) I tend to get them at
Costco as it tends to be cheaper (they deal in huge volumes), and comes
with free flat repairs, etc.  (the free tire rotations and nitrogen
fill-ups are no big thing to me).  High performance tires, or the
off-road truck tires however come from TireRack...

Tim Mullen

Chantilly, VA
Support Team.Net

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