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Re: [Shop-talk] Table saw, (it's here.)

Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Table saw, (it's here.)
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 08:09:58 -0700
> Check your local code.  This is allowed by the NEC, and it requires
> either a double pole breaker, or the two handles of single pole
> breakers to be mechanically tied together (So half the 240 outlet
> isn't hot.); however, many local jurisdictions don't allow it, or
> allow it only under limited circumstances.  

I missed something here, David.  Are you saying that split-phase is illegal
in some places?  Or is it linking two single-pole breakers (which after all
is what is inside a double pole breaker) that is not allowed?

> Almost certainly is.  Options are a 240 GFI breaker ($$$), 

There's someone selling them on flea-bay for $70-$80.  Eg, item
220442509069.  In fact I should probably pick one up for my pool pump.

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