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[Shop-talk] Table saw, (it's here.)

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Table saw, (it's here.)
Date: Wed, 1 Jul 2009 05:42:07 -0400
OK, the new table saw came yesterday and I got it all set up.  I still 
need a new electrical outlet for it, so I haven't run it yet, but it's all 
set up.

I was very impressed overall, there are a few things I'm not so happy 
with.  The blade guard and anti-kickback mechanism is a pain.  First, off, 
it has a notch to hold it up (when you are changing the blade, etc.)  but 
it doesn't want to stay "up." 

I thought that there would be adjustable feet on the saw to level it, 
there isn't (luckily, my floor is level there.)

One last rant, While I love that Bes. fence system, it REALLY could stand 
to have a micro-adjustment thumb screw.

Other that those three things, the unit is great and I can't wait to make 
something with it today!

I do have one question...

The saw is 230v.  So when I pour my concrete, I ran a 230v line to the 
place where the table saw it, no problem there.

However, the saw I had been using is 120v.  So I used the other leg of the 
line for an outlet at the table saw (on a separate breaker of course.)

It was REALLY convenient.

So, I was wondering, is there any appropriate way to split a 120 circuit 
off of a 230 leg, and if so, how?  Let me know if I'm not being clear 
enough with my question.


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