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Re: [Shop-talk] Table saw, (it's here.)

To: Randall <>, shop-talk@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Table saw, (it's here.)
From: Steven Trovato <>
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 23:19:31 -0400
No, not you at all.  This has been downright civil!  I'm just 
thinking back to some previous interactions, not on this list.  I 
think the problem is that the electrical code is difficult to 
understand and often not intuitive.  Some people have the attitude 
that you should generally follow the rules (like me).  Other people 
think that as long as the light lights or the motor turns, that's 
good enough no matter what some bureaucrat says.  Combine that with 
the fact that there is real danger in this work.  If you are debating 
baking, what's the worst that can happen, a really bad 
cake?  Mistakes in electric work can be deadly.  I think that one 
should either follow the rules, or know and understand the rules well 
enough to consciously decide something different.  I can show you a 
delightful thread in which someone wants to splice their electric 
clothes dryer cord to make it longer.  Then wrap it all up in 
electrical tape and it's good to go!  Leave that nice 220 splice back 
behind the washer and dryer, nothing ever gets wet back there, 
right?  And besides, they already did it and they have no intention 
of changing it no matter what anyone says.  Anyway, that's where I 
was coming from.  Your comments have been no problem, to me anyway.

-Steve Trovato

At 11:26 AM 7/1/2009, Randall wrote:
> > Now, for the disclaimer.  Nothing seems to generate more hostility
> > than internet discussions on electrical work.
>Hey, I want to apologize if anything I've posted recently came across as
>hostility.  I certainly did not mean it that way!
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