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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] "100% Genuine" automotive parts
From: Wayne <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 14:53:09 -0500
PJ McGarvey wrote:
> Looking at some parts places for the new fender for a 2005 Subaru, and was
> wondering how I can judge the quality of the parts.  Prices vary from $110-190
> for the fender (I've been given $240 for this part on the claim) and they all

Only Subaru dealers sell "genuine" parts for their cars.  There are many auto 
dealerships that sell genuine OEM parts mail order at a discount;  usually 10% 
- 25% off  (for any Nissan owners I'll give a plug to the really great guys at )

There are numerous companies making aftermarket body parts, for as little as 
%20 of the price of OEM parts.  However, the fit can range from excellent to 
completely crappy.  I'm told most are made in Korea or China.  Much like other 
cheap Asian stuff, it's hard telling who really makes it, so I don't know how 
to determine which brands are good or bad.  Perhaps someone in the body repair 
biz can give better insight.

I did buy a rear-view mirror from these guys on Ebay recently:    They have some absurdly cheap 
prices.  The mirror was ok quality (and only $24 for a Pontiac power remote 
mirror!)  I can't speak for other stuff.  They seem to be a great source for 
fixing an older car, but I think on a 2005 you would want to stick with OEM 
parts to preserve resale value.

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