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Subject: [Shop-talk] "100% Genuine" automotive parts
From: PJ McGarvey <>
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 14:06:38 -0500
As a result of a minor accident (not my fault) and a check from the Insurance
company (minus my $500 deductible) I'm now ready to look into buying a new
front quarterpanel and getting the bumper and fender repainted.  Now I need to
figure out the cheapest way to make this happen *just* so I can hopefully
break even.  I'll be doing the remove/replace myself.

Looking at some parts places for the new fender for a 2005 Subaru, and was
wondering how I can judge the quality of the parts.  Prices vary from $110-190
for the fender (I've been given $240 for this part on the claim) and they all
seem to guarantee their parts and appear to be reputable.  Is there any
definition of what 100% Genuine means out there, or is this just something a
select few parts places get to use so they can charge a little more for

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