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Re: [Shop-talk] saving a circuit board after flooding?

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] saving a circuit board after flooding?
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Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 17:47:25 -0600
I'm like Paul... if it's a brand name... Fluke, Triplet, Simpson I'd try to 
salvage it.  Remove the battery and fuse and clean the contacts.  I'd spray 
down the complete board and the switch contacts with aerosol contact cleaner 
till it was dripping off.   Then I'd take a q-tip or foam tipped applicator 
and wipe over everything I could reach with the same contact cleaner... wipe 
down the circuit board, especially between traces and at solder points to 
eliminate all the traces of corrosion I could reach.

You didn't say if it was analog or digital, but I'll assume digital.  You 
might not be able to salvage the readout but it's worth a try.  Set the 
whole thing out on the bench and let a fan blow across it for a day or two 
to speed drying.  You might even put it over a furnace register to add a 
little heat (but not enough to hurt it).   give it a week and replace 
battery/fuses.  and give it a try...All it will cost you is a can of cleaner 
and a little time.

If it works and continues too... go back inside in a month and look around 
with a magnifier and see if you spot any white areas of corrosion coming 
up... clean her again.  I'd pay particular attention to the switch plates 
and contacts, they get the most friction wear and will probably show the 
corrosion first...

If it came from Harbor Freight... save the leads and trash the meter.


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Subject: [Shop-talk] saving a circuit board after flooding?

> so it appears someone left a multimeter at the new house at some point int 
> he last few weeks.  I called everybody that was out here and none of them 
> are claiming it.  so I guess I've got a new multimeter.
> but it was left outside in the rain, and when I turned it over, water 
> literally flooded out.  I took it apart, removed the old battery and 
> cloudy fuses and looked it over.  looks like a little corrosion and some 
> whitish goo in some places.
> so...can I save it?  and any advice on how?  blast it with water repellent 
> or something?
> thanks in advance.
> scott
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