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Re: [Shop-talk] saving a circuit board after flooding?

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] saving a circuit board after flooding?
From: "Paul Parkanzky" <>
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 18:09:46 -0500
Does it look like it's worth saving?  Is it a Fluke or similar?  If
it's a cheapy, I'd just toss it.  If it's expensive, I'd spray
everything down with contact cleaner and let it dry a couple times,
replace the fuse, put a new battery in, and see what it does.

I had a friend that put his work pager through the wash.  He managed
to get it working again by just removing the battery and drying it out
thoroughly, but it died a month or two later.  Probably not a


On 2/3/08, <> wrote:
> so it appears someone left a multimeter at the new house at some point int he 
>last few weeks.  I called everybody that was out here and none of them are 
>claiming it.  so I guess I've got a new multimeter.
> but it was left outside in the rain, and when I turned it over, water 
>literally flooded out.  I took it apart, removed the old battery and cloudy 
>fuses and looked it over.  looks like a little corrosion and some whitish goo 
>in some places.
> so...can I save it?  and any advice on how?  blast it with water repellent or 
> thanks in advance.
> scott
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