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Re: [Shop-talk] GFCI Question

To: Battmain <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] GFCI Question
From: Pat Horne <>
Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 18:52:43 -0600
Make sure that the black and white wires that you have connected to each 
side are in the same cables. If you have them crossed (black from line 
and white from load together, etc.), and there is something plugged into 
and turned on in one of the load outlets it can cause this kind of problem.

If you have a volt meter, measure across each pair of wires to see which 
pair has power on it. Check the other one to be sure it doesn't. If you 
don't have a volt meter, try hooking up only one set of wires and see if 
the green light comes on. If it does, you should be able to push the 
test button and the GFCI will click and the light will go out. Try the 
same thing with the other pair of wires. I think you will find that only 
one pair is hot.

If the power is connected to the line side of the GFCI and the GFCI is 
tripped whatever is plugged into the GFCI should not work. If it does, 
you have it wired backwards.

I'm still betting on crossed wires line to load.


Thusly spake Battmain:
> Well, what's really confusing me is that I thought about it
> being hooked up backwards too, so I swapped the wires around.
> It's behaving as if both wires are line wires. When both
> wires are hooked up, (either way) I'm unable to set the switch.
> But if I hook up either set of wires to the line terminals, the
> GFCI appears to work normally. 
> Brian
> --- Pat Horne <> wrote:
>> Brian,
>> Several things here.
>> Don't worry about finding a single outlet GFCI. I've never seen one, but 
>> that doesn't mean they don't exist any more.The two outlets are 
>> connected in parallel, so just plug whatever was plugged into the single 
>> socket and forget the other one.
>> Now for the wiring on the back.Verify which wires are hot, they go to 
>> the connections marked line. The other wires connect to the load 
>> connections. GFCIs will work if hooked up backwards, the only difference 
>> is that when hooked up backwards whatever is plugged directly into the 
>> GFCI is not protected.
>> If the green light stays on when the GFCI is tripped you have the wires 
>> backwards.
>> If you need more information feel free to ask.
>> Peace,
>> Pat
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