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What size Empire heaters did you use?


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> Marty,
> I put an Empire unit in my garage a few years ago and never regretted
> it. I thought it was over-kill at the time.  But rather than be
> penny-wise and pound foolish I bit hard and went with the advice of the
> heating/AC expert who was a friend and was trusted.
> It heats the entire garage, getting its combustion air from the outside,
> and exhausting to the outside.  Inside air is drawn through the unit
> mostly by convection, but sometimes with a blower fan assisting.  The
> heat is effortless and the unit has been trouble free.  I light the
> pilot in the fall and put it out in the spring.  I also mounted the
> furnace a bit higher on the wall than normal, to lessen the potential of
> fumes from the car getting into the combustion chamber.  (The port
> opening to the pilot light does not seem to be well sealed, so this is a
> slight concern.) 
> I just did a search for Empire Furnaces, and found several models from
> this vendor (of whom I have absolutely no connection).  
> ode=propprod
> Mine is natural gas, but this site shows several propane models as well.
> I kept my garage at 45 degrees, and bumped it up to 55-60 when I was
> going to work out there.  My new house has a very well insulated garage,
> so I keep it at 60 all the time.  Really nice environment to work in. 
> I believe most radiant heaters have a flame inside the garage, so I
> would be reluctant to use them.  Both for the fumes and the moisture
> they would create.
> If you are the same Marty Sukey of Loco Brits, come and see it.  
> Gary K.
> Grafton, OH

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