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Heater request

Subject: Heater request
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 12:59:14 EST
First off, thanks for all the suggestions on wire size for my garage. I am 
looking at heaters now.   My ideal would be one of those used motor oil 
furnaces but they are way out of the budget so that leaves me with propane or 
electric and I'm leaning to propane.  I like the sound of the ventless wall 
mounted because they don't take up much room.  Looks like I have a choice 
between "radiant" heat or the regular hot air models. I am assuming the 
radiant hear is more efficient, is this so?  My concern is that if I mount 
one on the wall of my 32 x 32 garage and am working on a car on the far side 
of the garage and am on the side of the car opposite of the heater then I 
will be working "cold".  Kind of a "line of sight" thing.  Will this be 
correct?  Any thoughts out there on this one?


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