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Re: Pouring a garage floor

Subject: Re: Pouring a garage floor
From: Susan and Mark Miller <>
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 12:34:16 -0800
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> My question is about a floor drain.  I would like to have one.  Can I dig
> hole, and make a French drain for it?  Install a 4" plastic pipe down
> How deep?  I have no experience with pouring a concrete floor!  (Yes, I
> a French drain is probably not code. But this is a hypothetical question,
> regarding historical accuracy.  How's that?)  About how much lower should
> top of the drain pipe be than the edge of the floor (the long wall is 18
> feet) to promote drainage?  How do you keep concrete from filling the
> pipe when they are floating it?

For a french drain to be useful it has to be pretty big, big enough to hold
whatever water you want to collect until it has the time to drain.
If you want a drain for washdowns and such one (superior, IMHO) option would
be to dig a small 'pit' in the middle of the slab, perhaps a foot or two
deep.  Run a 1 or 2 inch pipe from this pit under where the slab will go and
to the outside.  Once complete you can then stick a sump pump in the pit,
hooked to the pipe, and have an unlimited drain.  Make forms for  the pit as
you would the edge of the slab.  Better to have it edged with angle iron, so
you can drop a grating over the opening.

Oh yeah, an electrical conduit to it would also be a good idea.

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