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Spray booth, was:Re: X10

To: tllaz <>
Subject: Spray booth, was:Re: X10
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 16:01:21 -0800
tllaz wrote:
> One last unrelated qestion.  Does any body have any sugjestions on what
> type of a exhaust fan set up to use for painting .  I need to set up a
> makeshift spray booth.
> Thanks,
> Mike L.


You might want to describe a little bit more detail about the intended 
application.  You might want to occassionally spray small pieces with paint 
spray cans, or you might want to regularly spray cars with paints containing 
isocynates (sp?)... the answer will be different.

I believe that Fine Woodworking carried an article a few months back for a 
temporary setup. Used large cardboard pieces forming an open box, at the back 
this box was a furnance filter taped in place.  Behind the filter was an 
inexpensive box fan which exhausted out a window.  This looked easy for the 
occasional and small job.


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