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Subject: Re: Sign-o-the-times
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2000 02:46:44 EST
In a message dated 3/10/00 7:42:25 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

<<  "Customizing to include things from interior customs, to paint, to ground
 effects,          to shift knobs, steering wheels, dome lights, sound
 systems, cold air                      induction, custom turbo plumbing,
 lifting, lowering, etc..."  
   There's definitely a trend here.  It extends to parts men who don't have a
 clue how to use a book, cashiers who can't make change, and mechanics who
 are parts changers instead of troubleshooters. >>

I've been quiet for a while but now must speak up. I couldn't agree more with 
I think "we've" been part of the problem. When was the last time anyone has 
sent a meal back because it wasn't done right? How many times have you sent a 
letter to a CEO or your congressman about your concerns? How many consider 
"fast food" as a dinner out? The list goes on. Every time someone "settles" 
for something it makes it more difficult for the next person. 
Enough Bitching..... here's what I did.
I like older cars so I bought some older car equipment that is somewhat 
useless on the modern cars and learned to do it myself. I have a Sun 
distributor tester and can now rebuilt and recurve any unit I have. Same with 
testing generators, starters, etc.
An old Bridgeport can be had for around $2000 or so with some tooling. A good 
12X30 lathe for about $1500. Perhaps beyond the average persons means but if 
a group of enthusiasts got together and chipped in a few dollars ... there's 
always a retired machinist around that would be happy to show off his skills 
for people willing to listen. And listen you should. I have no doubt that 
many of them enjoy the companionship of like minded people. 
I found this old gentleman who use to repair old Fords, went to see him for 
an hour ... to make a long story short they had to send out a search party 
for me as I was gone for about 8 hours.
Older people are a great resource, and everybody wins.


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