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Subject: Sign-o-the-times
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 18:07:07 EST

Fellow Metal Freaks-

In this disposable world it is becoming more difficult to find any real 
artisans any more. For that matter, it's becoming difficult to find 
competency any more. The latest lament is over a heat treating shop about 150 
miles from my house. The two guys who ran the shop actually knew what they 
were doing and would not only take the time to ascertain my needs and how to 
fulfill them, but took the time to show me any and all aspects of their job. 
(Only time I have ever seen, let alone used a Comparator.)
So I loaded up my newly bent sway bars and tooled down to San Francisco only 
to find a sign on the shop that said "Retired...out of business." I know I 
could have called first, but it never dawned on me that they would be gone. I 
knew that they were both in their 60's and they had noted that they could not 
get anyone interested in working with them so that the shop could continue, 
but this is a harsh reality.
The machinists that I use (2 brothers) actually run a "machine" shop, not 
some local automotive shop with a press in the back room, and they too have 
said the same thing. When they retire the shop will close!
It is a sad commentary that this great pool of talent and experience is 
disappearing from the land. I can only guess that this is occurring on a 
Nationwide, if not Worldwide, basis and is a sad commentary on our society.

So, does anyone in the SF Bay Area know of a decent heat treating facility?

OK, I'm off the soapbox now...
        Nick of Nor Cal 

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