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Re: Removing a drill chuck

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Subject: Re: Removing a drill chuck
From: Randall <>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999 01:10:31 -0700
Basically the same as the DeWalt, except you can use the chuck key for
the second step.

So, unscrew the Torx screw CLOCKWISE (since it's left hand thread),
using the chuck key to hold the chuck, if necessary.  Then smack the
chuck key a brisk blow counterclockwise, to unscrew the chuck from the
shaft.  The shaft is held only by the inertia of the gears and motor. 
On my 1/2" Milwaukee, I sometimes find it's easier to  hold the drill
body and whack the key in the chuck against the bench.


Chris Heerschap wrote:
> Bedard, Justin wrote:
> > Stick the short end of a 1/4" or larger allen wrench in the chuck and
> > tighten it down.  Next, get a soft hammer or piece of wood and hit the long
> > end.  This will loosen the chuck so you can remove it by hand.
> This reminded me of a similar question which I have.  I have a Makita
> drill which has a 3/8" keyed chuck.  I also have a 1/2" chuck which
> will fit it, but I'm not exactly sure how to take the current chuck
> off.  There seems to be a T-40 Torx screw in the bottom of the chuck,
> but I'm not sure how exactly I should hold the shaft so I can turn the
> screw.
> So far it has not been a problem, but I'd like to be able to make the
> change if I have to.
> cmh
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> Chris Heerschap - UNIX Systems Mutilator/Postmaster

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