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Re: Removing a drill chuck

To: Chris Heerschap <>,
Subject: Re: Removing a drill chuck
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 11:12:03 -0700

On my Makita you would have to unscrew the screw at the bottom
of the chuck (NOTE: this is a left hand thread) and then do the
thing of chucking up an allen wrench and giving it a sharp wack.
The thread on the spindle is a right hand thread. I'm not sure
if the screw in the bottom of the chuck in mine is a TORX or not
but I removed it with an allen wrench.


On Jul 6,  1:54pm, Chris Heerschap wrote:
> Subject: Re: Removing a drill chuck
> Bedard, Justin wrote:
> > Stick the short end of a 1/4" or larger allen wrench in the chuck and
> > tighten it down.  Next, get a soft hammer or piece of wood and hit the long
> > end.  This will loosen the chuck so you can remove it by hand.
> This reminded me of a similar question which I have.  I have a Makita
> drill which has a 3/8" keyed chuck.  I also have a 1/2" chuck which
> will fit it, but I'm not exactly sure how to take the current chuck
> off.  There seems to be a T-40 Torx screw in the bottom of the chuck,
> but I'm not sure how exactly I should hold the shaft so I can turn the
> screw.
> So far it has not been a problem, but I'd like to be able to make the
> change if I have to.
> cmh
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