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RE: Removing A Keyless Chuck

To: "Bedard, Justin" <>,
Subject: RE: Removing A Keyless Chuck
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 14:10:45 -0500


could work , but I've never seen one that had a screw that DIDN'T have to
be removed...

I just put a keyless chuck on my Makita cordless and it took a couple of
GOOD licks with a ball
peen hammer to free it up....  as  Mike told you, you have to overcome the
tendency of the chuck to try to turn when you hit it.  the initial enertia
is what does it.

remember that the screw  is left hand thread also...  wouldn't a call to
Dewalt Tech Service line be worth it
if you're not sure ???

1-800-4-dewalt   according to their webpage


"Bedard, Justin" <> on 07/06/99 02:00:44 PM

To:, John Niolon/Fairfield/USX
Subject:  RE: Removing A Keyless Chuck

Looking inside the chuck, I do see a Torx screw.  But the directions make
mention of removing this screw.  Maybe I'll try hammering it a little
like Mike Sloane suggested and then attempt to remove this screw.


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> Justin,
> not sure about the Dewalt brand, but many drills have a screw which holds
> the chuck onto the drill motor...  open up the chuck completely and look
> down into the chuck toward the shaft...  if you see a slotted screw it's
> probably left hand thread and must be removed before removing the chuck.
> The procedure your using is correct and it usually takes a couple of good
> licks
> AFTER the screw is removed
> john

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