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Removing A Keyless Chuck

To: "''" <>
Subject: Removing A Keyless Chuck
From: "Bedard, Justin" <>
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 1999 13:04:39 -0400


I recently purchased a DeWalt 3/8" drill with keyless chuck.  I want to put
this 90 degree, 1-to-1 Craftsman adapter on the end of it so that I can
drill this one tight spot.  The directions that come with the drill for
removing the keyless chuck are:

Stick the short end of a 1/4" or larger allen wrench in the chuck and
tighten it down.  Next, get a soft hammer or piece of wood and hit the long
end.  This will loosen the chuck so you can remove it by hand.

Well, so far no luck.  I figure I would turn to this group for any
suggestions.  Maybe I'm just being to timid since it's new, but I want to
make sure I don't break it.  Is there any place I should be grabbing on the
drill to hold it to make sure it doesn't turn when I'm hammering the wrench?
I've been holding onto the metal part just before the yellow plastic.

Here's a picture:

Not high end stuff, but it's a _large_ step up from what I had.

Thanks in advance,

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