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Re: RE: Any words of wisdom re: engine hoist?

Subject: Re: RE: Any words of wisdom re: engine hoist?
From: "Tim Mullen" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 12:18:06 -0700
Mark Miller <> wrote:
> When I pulled the /6 engine out of my dart I just rented one.  It was big
> and solid, very inexpensive to rent (like $15 or 20 for a weekend), and I
> didn't have to store it afterwards.  It 'felt' better to use than a cheap HF
> one I had borrowed from someone once. Getting it home was easy, it had a
> trailer hitch and just towed it behind a tiny pickup.

This has not been my experience.  The rental hoists usually have been "abused". 
 The needle valve that controls the lowering of the jack have usually been 
over-tightened - the result being that when you open the valve, it usually 
opens too far resulting in a sudden drop of the engine.  This can be a real 
pain when you are trying to make small adjustments.  On my hoist, I pushed out 
the "pin" on the valve that you turn with the jack handle, and replace it with 
an "L" shape piece of rod.  It makes for very fine control, and nobody has ever 
over-tightened it.

The other advantage on not renting is that the time pressure is eliminated - 
you don't have to return the hoist of pay for another day.  If you run into a 
snag, you can take your time (go get the right bolt, etc.) without any time 

Someone commented about load levelers.  I wouldn't even consider 
removing/installing an engine without one.  Mine was a little hard to work at 
first, but my buddy (who actually used it before I did) "cleaned" it up a 
little by greasing the right parts, and "adjusting" the clearances, and it's 
worked like a dream since...

Tim Mullen
Chantilly, VA

72 Elan Sprint

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