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Re: Any words of wisdom re: engine hoist?

To: "Steve Hammatt" <>
Subject: Re: Any words of wisdom re: engine hoist?
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 06:38:35 -0700

I know we've covered everything about engine stands, etc. but now
I'm looking at getting a roll-around, fold-upable, standable in the corner
type engine hoist.  You know the type with the hyd cylinder and hand pump,
legs that fold up (but still have 4 large casters on the ground), etc.
I didn't see one in Harbor Freight online.

Any suggestions?


I used the HF hoist to install the engine and gearbox in my Healey
last winter (ca 800#).  I had no problems with the hoist once I got all
of the pieces.  When I ordered the hoist, HF was out of stock on the
hydraulic ram (they did not tell me when I ordered it).  They
shipped the hoist without the ram.  When I called to complain, they
shipped me the wrong part.  All told, it was about 3 months before
I had a working hoist.

The other day I was in Pep Boys and noticed that they were selling
what looked like the identical hoist.

If you can find a hoist from a local source, it is probably worth a few
extra $ just to know that you are going to walk out of the store with
all the bits that you need to make it work.

While on the subject of hoists, I bought the load leveler from HF and
found it very difficult to use with the weight I was lifting.  I would
be interested to know what other people are using to tilt engines during
removal and installation.

Peter Schauss

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