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RE: Garnet sand paper

To: shop-talk <>
Subject: RE: Garnet sand paper
From: "Lin, Gary" <>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 18:30:20 -0400
Back in the late '70's, in 7th grade shop we used garnet or the better
aluminum oxide paper for skateboards, etc.  I felt so cocky (normally
considered the little nerdy runt;-) bringing some cool silicon carbide cloth
from home.  I believe SC is just higher up on the durability scale.  I
didn't do fiberglass, but it worked on Plexiglas fine.

Gary Lin
Burke, VA
Metro Washington Council of Sports Car Clubs
BMW CCA National Capital Chapter

Ken wrote:
> I don't remember using silicon carbide paper. Anyone?
> And while we're at it, now does each type of abrasive work on fiberglass?

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