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trailer plans

Subject: trailer plans
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 06:47:04 -0500

well, it's that time of year.... YARD WORK   ARGHHHH!!!!!   I'm looking for
some plans to build
a small utility trailer for the yard... I've got a heavy duty 6x12 but its
just too large and cumbersome
in the yard...  looking for something around 4'x'4'  or 4' x'6'  using
anything from 12" to 15" tires.  I've
got an old straight axle with springs from the front end of my 53' f-100

Tilt would be nice but not absolutely necessary.... Seen a thousand of them
hauling 4-wheelers around.
so someone should have something written down somewhere.  Anyone got any
plans laying around ?????

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