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RE: Garnet sand paper

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Subject: RE: Garnet sand paper
From: "Landaiche Ken (Nokia/PL)" <>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 10:41:36 -0700
I noticed that it seemed to stay sharp until the abrasive almost
disappeared. Now I know why. It did a good job on the wood I was finishing,

BTW I used it with a small electric pad sander. It seemed to work fine,
though I don't know how it would have worked by hand. 


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From: Roger Gibbs []

As I understand these things, garnet is a mineral which easily 
fractures, leaving sharp edges. As it is used, the garnet fractures and 
two things happen: 1) the fracturing leaves new sharp edges, and 2) the 
fracturing leaves the remaining garnet a smaller size, meaning your 80 
grit paper becomes finer and finer. 

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