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RE: steel shop building

Subject: RE: steel shop building
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 16:41:43 -0500
     Maybe the echo motivated him to practice his singing! 
     Most of the snow tends to slide down the sides and build up over the 
     winter, but I think they'd handle quite a load just due to the shape. 
     I think they might have used them in Antarctica as base stations too.

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Subject: RE: steel shop building
Author:  Non-HP-keithka ( at HP-USA,shargw5
Date:    29/01/98 3:24 PM

Didn't Gomer Pyle live in a quonset hut?  I think the U.S. military liked 
their cheap & simple construction, and their ability to withstand a pretty 
severe crosswind.  I wonder how much snow load they can handle.
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>      Around here they used to erect a lot of "Quonset" buildings; I guess 
>      this is the brand name. These are the sort of tubular looking ones; 
> if 
>      you sliced a cylinder in half legthwise and laid one half down, 
> that's 
>      what they looked like (use your imagination...) You could attach 
>      together as many pieces as you wanted to increase the length. They 
> had 
>      no frame so were cost-effective, but you had to live with the looks. 
>      Many farmers used them for barns as they could be had in very large 
>      sizes. I don't know if they're still around; it's just a thought to 
>      throw into the conversation.
>      Jim Wallace
>      Ottawa

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