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Re: Air Impact tool rec?

To: Art Pfenninger <>,
Subject: Re: Air Impact tool rec?
From: "Burstein, Wayne M. x281" <>
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 98 17:52:00 EST
About six months ago, I replaced a cheapie 1/2" impact with an
IR-231.  What a difference in both price and performance!  My
decision was between the 2131 (plastic housing - 600 ft-lbs torque)
and the 231 (metal housing - 425 ft-lbs torque).  I was a little unsure
about the lower torque of the 231, but a number of shops that I
talked to were leery about the long term durability of the 2131 and
I decided to be conservative.

Luckily, Harbor Freight had it on sale for $109 when I needed it
and I jumped on that deal.  My friend who offered to get one at
his cost through his shop could only get down to $129, so HF got
the order.  I went to a local tool distributor and bought a plastic
protection sleeve for the body of the tool to minimize shop damage.

So far, I am a _very_ satisfied customer.

Wayne Burstein

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