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Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 09:23:03 -0800

There are several things to consider when you decide what lift you want.
You need to look at how far apart the posts are spaced. A lot of the
posts are spaced 8 feet apart. This makes it difficult to open the doors
on any car that you are repairing. Posts 10 feet apart are better. I
pulled a full size car into my garage and placed two milk crates spaced
apart the same distance as the lift posts then tried to open the doors.
I decided that I needed a lift with the posts 10 feet apart. 

You also need to look at ceiling height. In most cases you need a 10
foot ceiling - 12 foot is better. You may have to be careful that you
don't lower the roof on any car when you raise it. You need to decide
whether you want a lift where the cables and hoses run inside a channel
across the floor or whether you want a clear floor model. Most
important, you need to be sure that your floor has enough concrete and
rebar to hold the anchor bolts. There is a lot of load on the anchor

I chose a Stinger lift and am pretty happy with what I picked. 

Good Luck,

A.J. (Jim) Seippel

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>What's the consensus on car hoists?  Specifically, how about the AutoLifters
>hoist I've seen advertised in Hemmings for $1995 that runs on 110 and hoists
>7000 pounds?  What kinds of features/specs should I look for in a hoist?   
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