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Re: Hoists

To: Ken Landaiche <>
Subject: Re: Hoists
From: Heather & Joe Way <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 1998 08:11:23 -0800
Ken Landaiche wrote:
> I recently saw pictures of scissors lifts in a book on workshop design.
> A horizontal frame stays on the floor and something that looks like the
> swing arms of the frame lifts for holding the car. They have either
> screw or hydraulic movements and look like they just get slid under the
> car needing attention. Has anyone used one of these?
> Ken Landaiche
I have two of these, both older ones. One has shorter arms, about 3',
and works well lifting at bumpers or rear crossmembers. Cost me $250 in
good condition about 5 years ago. The other has much longer arms and
will reach to the differential on all but the biggest cars. It'll raise
about 4 ft. Paid $25 at auction and bought about $75 worth of parts for
it--mostly the raise/lower air valve. Both are great tools, with
self-activated safety latches. 

Tire shops use a vaguely similar hoist that lifts straight up under the
bumper. Sometimes they are available when they put a new lift in. 

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