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Re: weak impact

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Subject: Re: weak impact
From: Douglas Shook <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 1998 14:43:11 -0500
John Adams wrote:
> I had the same problem with my cheap generic 1/2 inch. A friend pointed out 
> it should be better, cheap or not. It turned out that something inside had
> never seated right. We filled it up good with air tool oil through the air 
> and ran it upside down for a couple of minutes. Its tone changed and now it
> works like a champ! Worth a try.


I probably owe you $160.  I tried what you suggested, but it made no
difference.  I thought since I'm going to throw the !*##!# thing in the
street anyway, there is nothing lost in tearing it apart.  I found that
the "gear chamber" was almost dry (it is separate from the "impeller" (I
don't know the apropriate names for the parts) and it should have been
(was?) packed with grease from the factory.  I also found that a couple
of the vanes in the impeller were sticking (one was in backwards!!).

I soaked everything in acetone, packed the bearings and shafts with
grease, oiled up the parts that come into contact with air with air tool
oil, and put the vanes back in the right way.

Guess what?  It spins the lug nuts right off the E250 now.  Since it
never had any real power, I guess I just assumed that it was the design
instead of the assembly.  What a difference!

Between John's suggestion today and the very wise man who suggested
running a low pressure line into the sauna bath hood I use for
sandblasting (sorry, I deleted the message after thanking you), I have
received some great help from this list this week.

Thanks again--this is a great list.


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