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Re: WTB lights

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Subject: Re: WTB lights
From: (Lee Edelberg)
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 07:22:18 -0500
You can get some very good color-corrected fluorescent lamps ("bulbs") if
you go to a good lighting or electrical supplier, beyond the usual cool or
warm white.  It makes a big difference in how they look, though the better
bulbs are more expensive. 

I mixed conventional incandescents (floods and halogens) in with some
fluorescents in my shop for color and for flexibility in terms of short and
longer term usage (the fluorescent like to stay on for a few hours for best
efficiency), and I'm happy with it.  BTW if you have the money electronic
ballasts are definitely the way to go.


>   I need to add some lights to my shop. I would like some high-quality
>flourescent fixtures with electronic ballasts, dual 8-ft bulbs. Locally, these
>are about $50 each. Low-end standard fixtures are around $30. Is there a source
>for these mail-order, i.e. cheaper?  I only need 4-6 fixtures. 
>        I also want to put up some sort of full-spectrum light in the center,
>or possibly even a vapor lamp. I like a mixture of lighting to keep the colors
>correct and avoid the color problems fourescents have. Any thoughts on this? 
>Rex Burkheimer
>Ft Worth TX

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