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Brick mailing list roster

Subject: Brick mailing list roster
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 22:42:55 -0400
>From what I can tell, it appears that there are several new people on the
mailing list.  To them, let me say welcome aboard!!  I think you'll find
this a very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful group.

As the old timers on the mailing list know I maintain both a database of
cars and owners.  Currently I have over 1700 records in the database.  I'd
like to add your names to the databases.  If you don't think you have sent
me your personal info, I'd appreciate it if you would send me the following
information for the database:

    your name, address, phone #, VIN #, if you are a member of BI,
    if you are a DIYer, when you purchased your car, from whom, and 
    any other info you think appropriate.

This is primarily for MY private use, and is NOT sold to anyone.

I also maintain a roster for those of us on the Net so we can get in touch 
with each other (by phone) if we need to.  The roster is distributed (by 
private email) as an ASCII comma seperated text file ONLY to those people 
that have stated that they WANT to be put on the roster.  The roster can 
be read into most databases or spread sheet programs.

If you're email address doesn't appear on the bottom of this post, 
and you'd like you name to be put on the roster and to receive a copy of
the roster, please email me and state that you'd like to be put on the 

If your name isn't on the list, and you do not respond, I will assume
that you DO NOT want to be on the roster and your stats will NOT 
appear on the roster.

If you have previously asked to be put on the roster and your email
address doesn't appear below, I appologize.  I just blew it.  Please
send me email again requesting to be put on the roster.




List of people on the Bricklin mailing list roster:

John T. Blair  WA4OHZ          email:
Va. Beach, Va                  Phone:  (757) 495-8229

              48 TR1800    65 Morgan 4/4 Series V (B1109)
71 Saab Sonett III (71500840)    75 Bricklin SV1 (0887)    77 Spitfire


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