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[Shop-talk] Garage heaters

Subject: [Shop-talk] Garage heaters
From: Jim <>
Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2016 10:41:54 -0400
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I am at the point of selecting a gas (LP) heater for my 24'x36'x10' 
barn, which also has a second floor 16'x36'x8' space.  I have searched 
for sources and have narrowed to a 80,000 btu Mr. Heater and a 75,000 
bto Modine Hot Dawg.  The pricing from various sources, thanks to a 
current Northen Tool sale on the Mr. Heater, are within $75 of each 
other, including their horizontal vent kits.  My incination is to go 
with the Modine because I have heard of and seen them more often.  Can 
anyone give me opinions on the choice of one versus the other?

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