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[Shop-talk] Crescent stainless "gear wrenches"

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Crescent stainless "gear wrenches"
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 20:54:57 -0600
A couple of years ago, Costco had sets of Crescent brand stainless steel "Gear
Wrench"-style combination wrenches.  7 wrenches for $19.95.  5/16 to 11/16 -
if they went another couple wrenches larger it's be even better, but these are
fine as is.  Flat ratchet on one end, open-end on the other.  These are
completely flat wrenches rather than bent or offset, so they don't have or
need a reversing feature - just turn the wrench over.  They're fairly thin and
get in lots of places.  Fine-tooth ratchet too.

Sadly, I only bought one set for myself, and never really tried them for a
long time.  The open end part is a little large and clunky, so I just left
them in the package for a year or more.  By the time I began to use them, it
was too late to buy more.

Has anyone seen these recently ?  The stainless construction is a great
feature for slobs like me who occasionally get a wrench wet and don't wipe it
really well before setting it down - often on the floor  ;-)

Alternatively, what brands of these things are good ?  The ones I see at
Sneers and Sawbucks seem awfully thick, and wouldn't get onto a nut or bolt
head anywhere near a vertical surface.

Thanks !

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