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[Shop-talk] Spark plugs in regular cars

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Subject: [Shop-talk] Spark plugs in regular cars
From: "Karl Vacek" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 17:07:02 -0600
Time to replace spark plugs in the everyday cars.  Close to 60K on each and
never missed a beat since we've had them, but it seems like a good idea - and
yes, I've regretted that statement before   =8~0

Since plain old OEM plugs seem to hold up so well nowadays that's my usual
choice.  Is there any other advantage to platinums besides life ?

Is there anything new in plugs that's worthwhile ?  I saw some
double-side-electrode plugs at one of the chain parts stores the other day
(don't remember the brand).  They looked like aviation massive-electrode
plugs.  But don't multiple electrodes require an ignition system to match
their power needs ?

The cars - 1999 Ford Mustang Cobra with a DOHC 4.6 L, and 2005 Yukon with a
6.0 L

Thanks !

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   burn your butt tomorrow !!
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