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Re: [Shop-talk] LOWE'S big sale

To: "john niolon" <>
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] LOWE'S big sale
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 12:26:54 +0000
If the ad offers it, they are obliged to deliver it or a comparable product at 
comparable price, or a rain check.  I believe that's a Federal law.

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From: "john niolon" <>
> In today's paper is a 40 to 50% off sale on large roll around tools chest at
> =="LOWES"==, listed w/picture is a 2 + section cabinet with lift out trays
> including tray liners and all etc.  $519 less the discount, cheap enough.
> "FT"
> Well Fred... left work and quickly headed to my local Lowe's ready to make a
> steal on a new roll around.  They had ONE black set on display  and it was a
> whopping 15% off..   I asked the tool chimp where the tool boxes were that
> were in the add.  He just smiled and pointed to that one.  His explanation
> was..  we don't make up the adds  we just have to listen to the complaints...
> and walked away.  Lowes didn't make me happy Friday.  Checked with two other
> Lowes in the area.... same story, no boxes.  I assume that their adds are
> national ??? But the Birmingham Lowe's must be out of the loop.
> maybe next time ?
> john

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